Landlords - Lettings Services and Prices

Letting a property can appear a complex and sometimes daunting process, which we aim to guide landlords through in a trouble free, assured manner.
We regard advice like this as fundamental to our service, be it before or during the course of a tenancy.

We are able to offer three types of letting services, which can be tailor-made to suit individual landlord requirements.
We can ensure that any tenancy is maintained according to specific instructions thereby guaranteeing a landlords peace of mind.

Option A – Tenant Introduction Service

Designed for landlords who wish to collect their rent and manage the property during the tenancy.
A one off fee is payable at the outset for introducing a tenant. The fee is 50% of the first months rent plus VAT.
Reference / credit checks will be carried out on your behalf.

Option B – Rent Collection Service

Allows joint management of the tenancy by both landlord and agent.
We collect the rent throughout the tenancy and chase it if arrears accrue.
The landlord handles his own property maintenance and this gives him the opportunity of checking up on his property.
We also handle renewals, utility transfers and terminations.
Fee is 6% of the monthly rental for the duration of the tenancy plus VAT collected monthly.

Option C – Full Management Service

Our most comprehensive service. Favoured by landlords who wish to take no part in the letting of their property save only to receive a monthly income from it.
Collection of rents, transfer of utilities, periodic inspections, renewals and terminations.
Fee is 8% of the monthly rental for the duration of the tenancy plus VAT collected monthly.